About Us

Greetings from Skytech, a place where ideas are realized

For over 15 years we have been combining our exceptional expertise in the field of applications, smartphones, IOS and android and complex web systems with comprehensive support frameworks to accompany your every moment by supplying solutions for all needs. You can find our capabilities utilized in large companies in Israel and the world in a large variety of areas, such as trade, government, legal areas, leading importers, car rentals, leading start-ups in various areas, food companies and more.

As mentioned, we are not just another company that builds websites or develops applications. We provide our customers with a comprehensive package. We have built the whole mosaic of a company’s systems for many companies in Israel and throughout the world, starting from the internet system working with thousands of clients, to connecting iphone and android applications fed by the internet systems we built, developmental communication with third parties that provide data to the mother company, and communication with hardware supported remotely and more. Our work gives the utmost attention to providing solutions to issues like data protection and speed of performance, which is critical when referring to a large number of end users.

At Skytech we believe that building the perfect product or most advanced system for you is just the beginning. We are committed to accompanying you with our professional expertise while emphasizing personal service and full solutions all under one roof.

In the end it doesn’t matter what we say about ourselves, our best advertisement is the projects we are known for in Israel and the world, and of course, the satisfaction of our clients.


Developing and Building Web Sites

Big businesses and organizations need sites backed by big thinking. At Skytech we develop internet websites that are always one step ahead technologically. We have years of experience building websites of various projects in the areas of government, trade, courts and legal area, the world of transportation and more. We invest huge resources in developing sites with impeccable functionality, rapid loading and suitability to all types of screens and browsers without compromising the server or the customer. At each stage of site building we emphasize the smart interface of the site to supporting applications that provide you with the perfect solution.

Application Development

In the competitive world of cellular applications, where millions of applications try to capture the customer’s attention, you need to have an advantage over competitors. Skytech is your advantage. We are specialists in developing Native applications for all operation systems (Android, iOS and Windows Phone). The development is made on the core code, which enables maximum utilization of the instrument’s functionality. With Skytech your cellular application is just a touch away.

Characterization of products

Even the most complex system begins with characterizing smart technology. At Skytech we understand that a wise investment in characterization saves you money and time afterwards. Therefore we place at your disposal a leading team of UI and UX characterizers, personally suited to emphasize the ultimate user experience for each platform, including applications, internet, CRM systems and more. And of course, our close accompaniment service throughout the project. Then…


If the design isn’t an eye-opener, even the most advanced technology won’t suffice. At Skytech we believe that design is the most important key to creating distinction, differentiation, branding and the exacting technological adaptation of functionality and appearance. Our Skytech designers combine our amazing creativity with uncompromising professionalism. We design quality technological solutions at a custom made level according to our customer’s needs and those of the target population.

CRM Systems

You don’t have to be a control freak to want the control in your own hands. Only a CRM system programmed to particularly suit your needs can create the technological control for operations, maintenance and ongoing use. At Skytech we develop dynamic and modular CRM systems. Our resolute ambition to suit the system to the client and his short term and long term needs, so that he always feels in control.

Comprehensive Support Framework

At Skytech we believe that it is our job to provide you with an answer in all areas connected to your project, without sending you to find other the various professionals that may be needed. Thus, we created a framework that provides a comprehensive answer for all areas related to your project, beginning with research and understanding the field stage, thinking up original solutions for you, correct characterization, suitable design, to testing and the complete delivery of the system. However, this is where another stage of our work begins, Skytech continues to accompany you after delivery, providing you with peace of mind and the feeling that someone is with you all the time.

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P.O.B: 11283, Jerusalem

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